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CALPEX-R (A) is Calefactio’s transluscent cross-linked pex pipe. It is designed for use in radiant heating and snow melting systems. They are built with an anti-oxygen barrier that limits oxygen diffusion through tubing walls to less than 0,10m3/day at 104°F, thus protecting system components. This tubing meets DIN4276 norm criteria and conforms to SDR-9 dimensions. CALPEX-R (A) is designed to resist a maximal pressure of 160PSI @ 73,4°F (23°C), 100 PSI @ 180°F(82°C) and 79 PSI @200°F (93°C). CALPEX-R (A) can be used in potable systems as it is certified NSF14. The CALPEX-R (A) tubing is compatible with propylene and ethylene glycol.


CALPEX-R-12-300A ½” PEX-a radiant 300 ft
CALPEX-R-12-1000A ½” PEX-a radiant 1000 ft
CALPEX-R-58-300A 5⁄8” PEX-a radiant 300 ft
CALPEX-R-58-400A 5⁄8” PEX-a radiant 400 ft
CALPEX-R-58-500A 5⁄8” PEX-a radiant 500 ft
CALPEX-R-58-1000A 5⁄8” PEX-a radiant 1000 ft
CALPEX-R-34-100A ¾'' PEX-a radiant 100 ft
CALPEX-R-34-400A ¾" PEX-a radiant 400 ft
CALPEX-R-34-500A ¾'' PEX-a radiant 500 ft
CALPEX-R-1-100A 1" PEX-a radiant 100 ft
CALPEX-R-114-100A 1 1/4" PEX-a radiant 100 ft
CALPEX-R-112-100A 1 ½" PEX-a radiant 100 ft
CALEPEX-R-2-100A 2" PEX-a radiant 100 ft
CALPEX-R-114-20AS 1 1/4" PEX-a radiant 20 ft
CALPEX-R-112-20AS 1 ½" PEX-a radiant 20 ft
CALPEX-R-114-20AS 1 1/4" PEX-a radiant 20 ft
CALPEX-R-2-20AS 2" PEX-a radiant 20 ft